GDPR Compliance

Small business GDPR compliance for any SME, micro business, self employed person or home based business.

GDPR compliance isn't optional, it's the law, designed to give individuals more control over how personal data is used and to protect them from modern issues, including identity theft, nuisance calls and junk mail. GDPR compliance will be an ongoing task that will require careful monitoring by Data Cotrollers and Data Processors, so being aware of the new regulations and what they mean for your particular business is absolutely vital.

A business as a whole, is normally the Controller. Controllers are accountable for GDPR compliance and are responsible for all the processing that occurs with the data they collect, both internally and externally. Processors also have direct compliance obligations under the GDPR and can face enforcement actions or penalties. By making Controllers accountable, the law seeks to ensure compliance, and Controllers - no matter how small the business - must be able to demonstrate they are GDPR compliant.

Controller responsibilities include the implementation and technical measures of GDPR, privacy policies, staff training, monitoring adherence to conduct rules and providing evidence of GDPR compliance. Controllers should also maintain policies and procedures about all the Processors involved, internally and externally including the checking and updating of contractual agreements with third parties, the monitoring of third party privacy policies and security.

GDPR Compliance

Small Business GDPR Compliance

As a summary of GDPR requirements will highlight - without appropriate consultation, many small businesses will struggle to achieve GDPR compliance and continue to operate illegally. What is your lawful basis for processing data? How can your customers withdraw consent? Do you know how to legally respond to a data breach or subject access request? GDPR compliance questions put to a small business during a GDPR audit, shouldn't been seen as a daunting task to avoid, but embraced to help understand and meet your GDPR obligations. There are many aspects to GDPR, but some initial practical steps towards GDPR compliance are:

By proving to potential and existing customers that your small business GDPR compliance has been taken seriusly, you could bring in more business. No one likes having their data lost, stolen, damaged, misused, or shared without proper consent, and doing everything you can to protect your customers and grow their trust could be a unique selling point. So, from fines to compensation claims, there are certainly serious reasons for your small business to become GDPR compliant.

The independent Small Business GDPR Consultant is able to help with small business GDPR compliance by introducing business owners to legally qualified GDPR advice specific to their business. Find out if your small business is already fully GDPR compliant, or be made aware of the steps you need to take towards GDPR compliance today.