GDPR Consultant

Independent GDPR consultant making light work of GDPR compliance for small businesses to operate within the law.

Serving a range of SME and micro business clients, Small Business GDPR Consultant Steve Johnston, felt it necessary to understand GDPR compliance as it came to the fore prior to May 2018. While trawling the internet for information, referring to ICO guidance, talking to business owners and colleagues, it became clear there were mixed messages, advice and opinions relating to GDPR, particularly when talking about small businesses and self employed individuals.

Searching for a GDPR consultant to help an SME or micro business yielded no straightforward information. Therefore, Steve went in search of legally accurate advice, both specific to his own business and to help clients on the road to GDPR compliance. After completing a CPD Certified GDPR training course and spending several months engaging with a data protection specialist law firm, he began to understand the legal interpretation of GDPR. To date, he offers small business owners an introduction to specific and qualified GDPR legal advice and is an ambassador of S.H.I.E.L.D, a GDPR certification and accreditation program.

GDPR Consultant

Help with GDPR for Small Businesses

When looking for help with GDPR for small businesses, there are many Certified GDPR Practitioners, Advisors, IT Consultants and Accountants, all with their own interpretation of GDPR. However, there is no formal qualification or particular course which makes your choice of GDPR Consultant better than the next. The only sensible choice when it comes to the compliancy requirements of your specific business, is to take advice from a legally qualified GDPR and data protection specialist lawyer. Why would you choose any other person to help your small business, deal with an assessment and confirm your compliance?

While a lack of awareness and resources continues to put many SMEs on the wrong side of the law, it goes without saying that there is no substitute for obtaining legal advice. As an independent service, the Small Business GDPR Consultant is able to help with GDPR for small businesses and introduce you to the best in the business, and for FREE! Whether you are an SME, micro business, self employed person or home based business owner, a specialist data protection and GDPR legal consultant can offer you the following:

Rather than seeking help with GDPR, some small business owners continue to ignore their responsibilities, risking a fine or even losing their business. As a Controller, all small business owners are accountable for complying with the GDPR, and ensuring they maintain policies and procedures, train staff, keep records and provide evidence of compliance. If you require help with GDPR for your small business, you can take advantage of an introduction to free GDPR legal advice today.